We are launching a campaign to showcase our valuable members, and how the
BACCF has effectively supported businesses each step of the way.

BACCF Grow Members join the chamber mainly to obtain new clients and business leads. Grow Members are companies with a small business structure, where the owner is very hands-on. Networking and credibility are key for BACCF Grow Members.

BACCF Expand Members have an established business, solid and consistent, regularly taking on new clients. The company has defined teams and departments, and the owner focuses most of his/her time on strategically strengthening the business. Expand Members join the BACCF to continue networking, while being closer to competitors and clients alike, learning from industry peers and partners. 

BACCF Succeed Members are large corporations either interested in expanding internationally or in doing business with companies focused on Brazil-USA trade. Events such as the BACCF CEO Series are great forums for Succeed member representatives to be present, inviting their employees and clients to participate as well. Succeed Members sponsor BACCF activities of interest and are regularly seen at signature events. 

BACCF Give Back Members are well-established corporations and multinationals. Give Back Members are main sponsors of BACCF activities in alignment with their business strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. They add value to the BACCF not only financially, but also by facilitating introductions to possible speakers and providing complimentary office space for exclusive chamber events.

Together we will empower and inspire executives and entrepreneurs to become even more engaged, strengthening your network and business opportunities.

Disclaimer: Must be a BACCF member in good standing to participate. Valid only for Small Corporate, Large Corporate, Patron, and Trustee members. Should your company be selected, a company representative will have to sign a release document giving the BACCF the right to use your and your Company’s name and branding, as well as any videos, photos, and quotes produced in relation to this promotion. Members who submit their stories will be automatically entered for a drawing of three gift cards of $100 each from Texas de Brazil. The drawing will take place at the Board Meeting following the campaign closing date (11/01/2017).